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Expansion of 25 Street begins as part of the complementary works of the Juan Pablo II Track

The Municipality began the expansion works on 25 Calle, which will function as a diversion route in section I of the Juan Pablo II Track, this expansion includes road works and storm drainage, on the route that will be the second largest road corridor. important of the capital, which will unite the districts I, II and III.

The Secretary General, Fidel Moreno explained that the expansion will be carried out in three stages, in each one of them, a section of the route will be worked, the works have an investment of 160 million cordobas and will be financed in two of the sections with funds from the Expansion Project of the Juan Pablo II Track and a section with the municipality's own funds thanks to the taxpayers.

"This project has important drainage works, there are 2,180 meters of new drainage in Altagracia where at this moment the discharge area that would go to the Cuajachillo channel is being built, we are talking about 42-inch pipes," Moreno explained.

He added that “sections one and two are financed with funds from the Juan Pablo II Track Project, which has a cost of 102 million cordobas and section three in Altagracia, has a cost of 58 million cordobas and is executed with resources contributed by taxpayers ”.

The detour route of the 25th Street starts from the Batahola radial, it will pass through the Altagracia neighborhoods in front of the Divino Pastor school, it reaches the traffic lights of the Old Nunciature until the traffic lights of the intersection of the Benjamin Zeledón School, until it reaches the Pista de United Nations, the expansion works are projected to be carried out in three months.

This new road corridor will have 4 lanes and will cross the heart of the city, as explained by Moreno.

“We are going through the heart of the city of Managua in an area where there were very narrow streets. Now we would be incorporating it with a four-lane track which allows us to have a more fluid circulation. We have fully completed the compensation in the sector, what will be 25 Street is completely clear ”.

"The track incorporates three bridges, it will incorporate three new traffic light intersections, we have already incorporated a traffic light where the Nunciature was, another will be at the Benjamín Zeledón, another at the top of the Nicaraguan Institute of Sports and at the United Nations Track by Jonathan González" .

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