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They supervise progress of the Streets for the People Program in Managua

The Streets for the People Program continues to improve living conditions for families in the capital; This Wednesday, July 15, building authorities supervised the asphalt paving in the Nuevo neighborhood sector of the Santo Domingo region, where the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua installs the bearing folder on 744 square meters of street, which contributes to improving the conditions of life to the families of this community in District V of the Nicaraguan capital.

Comrade Fidel Moreno, Secretary General of the Capital Commune explained that Streets for the People in the last ten years has improved more than 10,000 new blocks throughout the capital city.

The 2020 Streets for the People Program has an investment of 246.5 million córdobas, through which 75 new blocks will be built lined with asphalt, 70.63 blocks of streets with hydraulic concrete, 24 blocks of paving; in addition to the asphalt coating in 354.57 blocks and the patching in 213 blocks, for a total of 737 improved blocks.

Likewise, they announced that this program is advancing in a 57% of the 737 blocks of new streets, which contemplates executing this program throughout the year 2020, through 110 different projects concentrated in 104 neighborhoods of the municipality.

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