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Mayor's Office of Managua and China (Taiwan) build a house for Juanita Juárez

The Dignified Housing Program in its fourth stage, benefited the protagonist Juana del Rosario Juárez Medrano and his family, they live in the Barcelona neighborhood of District 7 and received house number 305, this Tuesday, July 14, the day the Nicaraguan national flag is celebrated.

Doña Juana is a housewife, she is 70 years old and her dream of having a safe house accompanied her for more than 30 years, she emphasizes that only the Good Government and China (Taiwan) made it possible for her to have her new home, in where they will live quietly with 6 members of their family.

At the inauguration and delivery of the new house, the Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda stated that with 5 days left to celebrate July 19, the government of the Sandinista Front continues to transform the lives of the most vulnerable families.

"Blessed be God who allows us to continue serving families, our government continues to comply with that demand and the emergencies that arise at critical points, thanks to the will and brotherhood of these brother peoples who have come together to serve the population."

For his part, the Ambassador of Taiwan, Jaime Chin-Mu Wu, indicated that they share the joy of Juana del Rosario and her family to have their new home.

"We have delivered many worthy houses, more than 300 worthy homes and all worthy homes are the same, but each one has a different story, the families that live in them each have their own history and each situation always touches our hearts," he said. the diplomat.

Doña Juanita will start a new life with her children and grandchildren, the anguish that she lived for 23 years every time it rained was left behind.

“I got the water up and down, all the neighbors knew that when it rained hard I was swimming, my shoes were in the water and I thank my Lord because all that is over, I thank God for all the good things that he has done, because I am 70 years old and no president has given anything to the people until now, Daniel has been the only one who cares about his people ”.

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