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They supervise progress in the homes of families relocated by the Expansion of the Juan Pablo II Track

This morning building authorities supervised the progress in the construction of houses, for the families that will be relocated due to the expansion of the San Juan Pablo II track, which is progressing by 50% and this stage is expected to end in the next 75 days.

Comrade Fidel Moreno, Secretary General of the Mayor's Office of Managua announced this is the housing resettlement component of the expansion of the runway, which consists of the initial construction of 71 houses out of a total of 300 that will be built on the west side from Ciudad Belén.

The houses will have a dimension of 54 square meters, with 2 bedrooms, a toilet, a porch and a living room area with a dining room and kitchen, in a 15 x 7.8 meter lot; He also stated that this housing complex will have basic services, streets and concrete hydraulic platforms, as well as a communal area.

During this visit, comrade Fidel Moreno reported that the extension of the track includes 1 thousand 86 partial and total affectations, plus 200 additional affectations in the detours; He added that the Municipality has already reached an agreement with the 80% of those affected in section I and the 50% in section IV.

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