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Seven new streets in the Carlos Fonseca neighborhood

In homage to the heroes and martyrs of the Sandinista Popular Revolution, the families living in the Carlos Fonseca neighborhood in District V, inaugurated this afternoon 7 new blocks of streets, lined with asphalt.

The Road Improvement Project has an investment of 7 million 92 thousand 500 córdobas and is part of the 2020 Annual Investment Plan.

The Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda reported that the new road network work directly benefits 6,377 inhabitants, at the same time stressed that these streets are totally new and will be used as an alternative route to avoid peak hours on the main road and as an access route to the Pedro Altamirano health center and the Colombia school.

Rueda confirmed that this is the fifth road improvement project to be invested in District V through the Annual Investment Plan, which will invest 15 million córdobas in 14 projects while the "Streets for the People" Program will invest 30 million in roadworks.

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