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Building authorities present the Monument to Peace and Dignity

This Thursday building authorities presented the Monument to Peace and Dignity, which was sculpted by the teacher Arnoldo Guillén, in which our national heroes appear in chronological order, starting with Caique Diriangen, General José Dolores Estrada, Sergeant Andrés Castro, Benjamín Zeledón, General Augusto C. Sandino and Commander Carlos Fonseca Amador, leading thousands of women and men who throughout our history have worked to defend our sovereignty and self-determination.

This monument symbolizes the effort of our people to build peace and their dignity, synthesizing more than 500 years of struggle for their sovereignty and self-determination, which is located near the mausoleums of Commander Carlos Fonseca Amador, Colonel Santos López and the Comandantes Tomás Borge Martínez.

This sculpture can already be visited by Nicaraguan families and is part of the renovation of the historical and cultural center of the capital city.

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