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Municipality celebrates Nicaraguan Father's Day by delivering 100 homes from the Bismarck Martínez Program

In homage to Nicaraguan Father's Day and on the birthday of Commander Carlos Fonseca Amador, the Bismarck Martínez Housing Program made the fourth delivery of 100 new houses, to the same number of families on June 23, who happily took the keys to their new home.

During the handover ceremony held in the new urbanization “Villa Jerusalen”, the Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda reiterated to the beneficiary families the commitment of the Sandinista Front to continue working to restore the right to decent housing.

In this new installment there were a hundred protagonists. The Mayor's Office of Managua has another new delivery scheduled for the month of July, with which the first five hundred homes would be completed, of a project that aims to guarantee twenty thousand to those with limited economic resources.

The monthly payment for these affordable housing is $ 40. The house has a bathroom, backyard, water and electricity service.

“On this special day we continue to pay tribute to all our heroes and martyrs who offered their lives so that today Nicaragua may live in peace and freedom and what better way to honor them, celebrating one more victory. We feel privileged to be part of that joy. We are remembering comrade Bismarck Martínez because this project bears his name and was born from a permanent concern of our president, Commander Daniel Ortega and Vice President Rosario Murillo ”.

Rueda explained the importance of the strategy that the Central Government has implemented to continue working and face the pandemic.

“Our eyes have seen deep, social changes and transformations that our people have had and, thanks first of all to God, we have not stopped working so that eighteen thousand families who trusted in this project are hoping that at any moment they will be there. , where are you celebrating having your home ", said Rueda.

Anastasio Fidel Pavón, one of the protagonists of this fourth installment, expressed that as a father he received the best gift of his life.

"I'm happy to be here. This is the best gift in life for my family, for my children. I looked for my house for a long time, but my financial income did not allow me to obtain it because private companies ask for a lot of money and they want you to pay them almost a lifetime and here it is forty dollars a month, which I have to pay in less than ten years, that is marvelous".

José Eugenio Vega Solano, is another protagonist who rented for 20 years and it never crossed his mind that this June 23 would be called.

“I have no words to express how happy I am. My wife and I had to rent for a long time, but that ended and now we will pay for something that is ours and that we know no one is going to take out of us and all thanks to President Daniel who cares about us poor people. "

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