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Families from the Julio Buitrago neighborhood inaugurate a road improvement project in tribute to the father of urban resistance

The families living in the Julio Buitrago neighborhood located in District II of Managua, inaugurated this Monday, June 22, the Road Improvement Project that covered a little more than 1 block with asphalt, in homage to all the heroes and martyrs of the Sandinista Popular Revolution and the father of the urban resistance Julio Buitrago Urroz who fell on July 15, 1969.

The new road work that directly benefits 3 thousand 654 inhabitants, had an investment cost of 406 thousand 251 córdobas.

East The project is part of the "Streets for the People 2020" Program and its importance lies in the fact that this street works as an alternate road and connects 15 de Septiembre Street with the old National Stadium, Dupla Norte and Dupla Sur.

During the opening ceremony, the Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda confirmed that there are only 3 blocks left for the neighborhood to have 100 percent of its streets covered and that the "Streets for the People 2020" Program is 48 percent complete, with 372 blocks completed.

"We have an opening day, almost daily we are inaugurating welfare projects for the family thanks to this policy and strategy of a government that cares about its people, with this project the neighborhood achieves a scope of a little more than ninety percent One hundred of the streets covered, with this we only have three blocks to attend to and this has been achieved in the last 7 years ”, said the Mayor.

Similarly, Mayor Reyna Rueda thanked the community for their patience in waiting for this project, which was a demand of the population.

For his part, Silvio Martínez, one of the protagonists of this important project, stressed that these actions bring tranquility to families.

"Thank God in the In the last 5 years we have continuously made improvements to the streets and drainage for the benefit of families, now our children can walk quietly in the streets playing, there are no puddles and taxis at the time of an emergency enter at any time " , expressed Martínez.

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