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Low-priced markets for Father's Day

This weekend, merchants at the municipal markets announced offers for Father's Day gifts and discounts on the prices of basic grains, meats, fruits and vegetables.

The Vice Mayor of Managua, Enrique Armas visited the El Mayoreo market, where he toured the different sections of sale together with the merchants and verified the supply of products and good prices, as well as the economic dynamism, in the second shopping center largest in Managua, with 2,200 sales tranches.

In this market, prices remain stable and some vegetables and legumes have decreased in price, such as chiltomas, malangas, pipián, calala, pineapples, among others.

For their part, the merchants invited the families to make their purchases in the municipal markets, where they were offered solidarity prices, good service and a lot of security, as stated by Mr. José Luis Reyes, a clothing and footwear merchant, in the same way it was shown Mr. Jason Martínez, another who invited families to buy dad's gift at municipal markets, which offer them discounts on household appliances.

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