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Mayor visits areas affected by recent rains

This morning, the Mayor of Managua Reyna Rueda, carried out an evaluation and accompaniment tour to the families of the areas affected by the rain last night, Monday, June 8, in Managua.

During the tour, Mayor Reyna Rueda announced that the rain lasted 45 minutes and caused damage in 12 neighborhoods in Districts V, VI and VII; causing flooding of 50 families and the death of one person in the Laureles Sur neighborhood, where a wall also collapsed and caused flooding in 7 homes.

He also stated that the Municipality had a human force of 1,200 workers for cleaning and repairing streets, drainage and sectors that suffered damage from the recent rains.

For their part, the families were grateful to the Good Government, for the rapid action of the Municipality and the Family Cabinets in caring for those affected, as stated by Messrs. Silvio Torrente and Freddy Morras.

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