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Managuas buy at low prices in the capital markets

The Vice Mayor of Managua, Enrique Armas, along with merchants from the Oriental market, visited different stalls on the morning of this Saturday, June 6, to verify the low prices and the supply of products; During the visit, the economic revitalization was observed in the sale of umbrellas, jackets, capes, rubber boots and mouth covers.

The merchants invited the families to visit the municipal markets to buy their products at low prices and with the best offers; Likewise, they stated that prevention and protection measures against the pandemic are being taken in each section.

The merchants announced the prices of children's boots at 180 cordobas and 300 cordobas, rubber boots for adults, waterproof jackets from 100 to 180 cordobas, umbrellas and capes; as well as reusable face masks at 10 cordobas per unit and 70 cordobas per dozen.

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