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Evaluation and monitoring of the 18 critical points of District V

The building authorities carried out a tour of the 18 critical points of District V, on the morning of this Thursday, June 4, to assess the effects of the rains, as part of the Response Plan that begins with humanitarian assistance, cleaning and damage assessment.

In the evaluation report, comrade Fidel Moreno, Secretary General of the Managua Mayor's Office, stated that in the 18 critical points there are 272 settled families and approximately 1,500 people, who are being monitored in these category B points (areas with temporary flooding). or found near slopes); of which this year mitigation works are being carried out in 7 of these points, to reduce or eliminate them.

The tour of District V concluded in the El Morro sector, San Antonio Sur region, where 7 homes that are in an area of soil erosion and landslides were supervised, talking with the families that inhabit that area, to see possible evaluations.

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