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Villa Xolotlán family receives a new decent home

Rainy days were no longer times of sadness and calamity for Mrs. Ana Patricia Osorio's family, this Tuesday, June 2, they received the keys to their new house in Villa Xolotlán, District V, as part of the Dignified Housing Program in Managua.

This new house was delivered by the Vice Mayor of Managua, Enrique Armas Rosales, who stated that this house is number 285 that is built with the support of China (Taiwan) and represents number 13 of the IV stage of this social program that promotes Good Government, to improve the living conditions of the neediest families. Villa Xolotlán is a community of 1,519 homes and a population of 11,887 inhabitants, in which the Good Government has built 5 decent homes since 2009.

For her part, the protagonist thanked the Good Government, for having built her home, a blessing she needed, because her old home was in precarious and vulnerable conditions to the rains and strong winds, but now she feels happy to have a new house where you will live safely with your family.

In this capital neighborhood, the Municipality executed 3 sanitary sewer, storm drainage and road improvement projects from 2015 to date, with an investment of 20 million 107 thousand córdobas; Likewise, through the 2020 Annual Investment Plan in District V, 14 projects will be executed, with an investment of 15 million córdobas; likewise, with the "Streets for the People" Program, 10 neighborhoods in District V will benefit, with an investment of 30 million córdobas.

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