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Rain Drainage Work in Villa Reconciliation Sur

This Friday, May 29, building authorities carried out a supervision tour of the construction of the storm drain in 4 blocks of Villa Reconciliation Sur in District VI of Managua, a project that is part of the Winter 2020 Plan and that will directly benefit 210 homes of this community.

This work for the common good has an investment of 3.6 million córdobas and consists of the installation of a 24-inch pipeline, which will capture the rainwater that comes from the upper part of the community and channel it to avoid flooding in the lower area of the sector; He also announced that in this capital neighborhood, 25 million córdobas have been invested in the installation of water and sanitation, so now the execution of drainage works is continuing and then the "Streets for the People" Program.

Comrade Fidel Moreno Briones expressed that in this year 2020, the Municipality will build 27 drainage works, which have a global advance of the 77%, with an investment of 65 million cordobas.

Likewise, he expressed that for this weekend, precipitation of 80 to 100 millimeters of water is expected in a period of 8 hours, so they are monitoring the critical points of Managua and the entire attention system will be activated, to guarantee safety. and well-being of the capital families.

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