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"Streets for the People" Program reaches 45 percent progress

With an investment that exceeds 7 million cordobas, the "Streets for the People" Program began the asphalt coating of 18 blocks on the main street of the Ticomo region, benefiting 3 thousand 390 inhabitants.

The Secretary General, Fidel Moreno, during a tour of the Road Improvement Project explained that the new road network will change the life of the region, because it will no longer be cut off in times of rain.

"We are in one of the most extensive projects of "Calles para el Pueblo" are 18 new blocks lined with asphalt, with an investment that exceeds 7 million cordobas benefiting 3 thousand 400 people, this project will guarantee that the community is not cut off when the rains begin ”.

Moreno explained that the "Streets for the People" Program has progressed almost 45 percent, with 352 blocks completed. Parallel to the project in Ticomo, awareness days are being held for preventive care and health security measures to face the threat of Covid-19.

"The street will be ready in approximately five days and the only communication channel that the 746 families of this community have will not be damaged by the winter, while we are doing the project, we are guaranteeing that the families keep the necessary social distancing and that all security measures be taken, ”Moreno said.

Álvaro Palma, a resident of the region since his childhood, thanked the effort of the project because the economy of their homes will not be affected.

"We are happy and we thank the government of Commander Daniel for this work because we had to pay for years 20 córdobas per person in the mototaxi to be able to reach the exit, now thank God the route will pass all the time, when for years he only entered once a day for the sticks that were made ".

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