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V Seminar on Disinfection of Capital Markets Starts

This Tuesday, May 26, the fifth cycle of disinfection of the capital markets began, beginning with the cleaning and disinfection day of the Oriental market, in which a force of more than 300 workers from the Mayor's Office of Managua, COMMEMA and the Ministry of Health (MINSA), to guarantee the disinsection of the 12 thousand existing sections in this capital market.

Comrade Fidel Moreno Briones, Secretary General of the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power, expressed with these actions they continue to attend and guarantee the disinfection of public spaces, such as markets, bus stops, parks and squares.

Likewise, he stated that fumigation efforts will also be strengthened to combat the mosquito that transmits chikungunya, Zika and dengue, because with the onset of winter these mosquitoes appear, which are also dangerous to the health of the population, an action that It will be carried out in all the markets of Managua, after disinfection, the next day the fumigation against the mosquito will be carried out.

For her part, the colleague Laís Marcenco of the Municipal Cooperation of Markets of Managua (COMMEMA) said that this day will continue this Wednesday in the Iván Montenegro and Carlos Roberto Huembes markets, on Thursday in the El Mayoreo, Israel Lewites, Periférico, Róger markets Dishonor and Virgin of Candelaria.

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