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Mercadito Candelaria continues with discounts on its products

This Saturday, May 23, comrade Enrique Armas Rosales, Vice Mayor of Managua, visited the Virgen de Candelaria market in District II of the capital, where he spoke with the merchants and verified the supply of products and the preservation of prices.

For their part, merchants invited families in the capital to make their purchases in municipal markets with complete safety, because prevention measures are being taken against the coronavirus and other diseases; in addition to the cleaning and disinfection days carried out by the Municipality in coordination with the Ministry of Health (MINSA).

The merchants also expressed that the municipal markets are well stocked and offer fresh products at good prices; This was expressed by Mr. Raúl Meneses, who sells vegetables and fruits, who announced that ripe bananas are at 5 for 20 cordobas, tomato at 30 and 20 cordobas per dozen, large orange at 40 per dozen, onion at 14 córdobas the pound and the potato at 15 córdobas. 

Likewise, the merchant Emilio Obando, announced the price of some basic grains, including rice that is offered at 12, 13 and 14 cordobas per pound; sugar at 13 cordobas per pound, flour at 17 cordobas per pound and oil at 42 cordobas per liter.

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