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Municipality starts with second stage of lining the Germán Pomares riverbed

The Mayor of Managua began the second stage of the lining process of the Germán Pomares riverbed in District V, this storm drainage project is one of the most important, because it eliminates for the second consecutive year another critical point in the area.

ANDhe Secretary General Fidel Moreno explained during a tour that this storm drainage project is part of the strategy that has been used in recent years to reduce critical points in District V.

"This second stage will allow us to connect to the major drainage that is the Fanabasa channel and at the end of this project, we are eliminating the critical point in this neighborhood, This micro-basin is one of the most vulnerable in Managua, an area where the Walter Ferretti, René Polanco, Pablo Úbeda, Pilot Project and Germán Pomares, a group of neighborhoods that settled over the last 25 years in Managua and that never had drainage infrastructure ”.

Moreno stressed that in this central area of the city there were more than 40 critical points and today they have been reduced to 18, thanks to the construction of works and resettlement and confirmed that the winter plan is 98 percent complete.

"The Winter Plan in the Managua municipality is 98 percent complete, Between today and tomorrow we would comply with the 100% of all winter preparation works, which have to do with cleaning, maintenance, repairs and infrastructure works, essential to face the rainy seasons in better conditions, we also permanently activate the command post that provides permanent surveillance to the 57 critical points of the city ”.

In this second stage, 140 linear meters of riverbed will be reviewed, with an investment of 4.2 million córdobas and benefits 9,440 inhabitants.

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