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Commune rehabilitates the Héroes y Mártires de Batahola Sports Complex

Guaranteeing the right to sports and healthy recreation for the capital's families, the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua carried out the total rehabilitation of the Héroes y Mártires de Batahola sports complex, delivered to the community this Monday, May 18, in celebration of the 125th anniversary of the birth of the General of Free Men and Women Augusto C. Sandino.

This sports complex is made up of: a soccer field field, (which is divided into 3 indoor soccer fields, a basketball court, a volleyball court), an athletics track and a children's play area; in addition to the administrative area, the restrooms and the cafeteria.

These rehabilitation and maintenance works in the sports complex were developed with an investment of 1 million 400 thousand córdobas; in a period of 21 days, during which the artificial grass sections in poor condition were replaced, the goal nets, the repair of the polypropylene meshes in the contour and division of the fields; in addition to the repair and painting of the metallic structure of the fields and the field lines.

Likewise, the electrical system, the sanitary services, the drinking water taps, the garbage cans, the benches, access gates, handrails, windows, grids and bleachers were also maintained.

It is important to note that this sports infrastructure work was inaugurated on July 30, 2014, as part of the Good Government's commitment to promoting sports and in salute to the 35th Anniversary of the Sandinista Popular Revolution.

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