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Authorities supervise construction of new streets in the Hilario Sánchez neighborhood

The "Streets for the People" Program benefited 503 families living in the Hilario Sánchez neighborhood of District III of the Capital, paving 6 new blocks of the neighborhood, with an investment that exceeds 3 million cordobas.

The Secretary General, Fidel Moreno, explained that this project allows better road traffic between this neighborhood and the surrounding regions.

"With these 6 new blocks, the "Streets for the People 2020" Program achieves an advance of 41 percent, we have advanced at a very good pace since the rainy season is about to begin, with the paved street there will be better traffic circulation for the routes, private vehicles and taxis, all the people who live in the surrounding regions will be able to circulate much faster ”.

Norman Solis, a resident of the neighborhood for 25 years, explained that the community has been waiting for a project like this for years.

"For us, this project is a blessing that improves the lives of all, here some puddles were made and the bus passes through here, this street leads to the school, here there are about 30 caponiers and the bus from Monte Tabor, the communities of San José de las Cañadas, San Francisco de Asís and Serranía all have to go through this street ”.

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