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First rain of winter 2020 causes minor effects

This Sunday, May 10, the first rain of the year fell. By winter, the city's major drainage system was 98 percent ready, as reported by the Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda after a tour to assess the operation of the micro-dams.

Rueda explained that 18 neighborhoods in Districts IV, V, VI and VII reported minor damage and the main roads and tracks were served from early hours.

"From 5:30 in the morning, the brigades of workers began cleaning the main roads and tracks of the capital to remove the sediment and garbage left by last night's rain, thank God the winter has arrived that is so missing for our producers, we have the report of 43 families with minor damages and a house with a damaged roof, which we are already taking care of ”.

The Mayor confirmed that the surveillance system that monitors the 57 critical points that the city has, has already been activated since last night and everything that is drainage works correctly.

"As of last night our surveillance system for critical points was permanently activated, the drainage system is ready, it worked well, there are some points such as the El Dorado riverbed that we always attend to after each rain due to the amount of water and sediment, let us remember that three channels converge there, here in the Los Gauchos micro-dam two tons of sediment were extracted with the winter plan of this year, and now we hope to extract one more ton which is what the first rains drag to this point of the city ”.

The Winter Plan served 27 lined riverbeds, from which 7,428 tons of garbage and sediments were evacuated. This means that the proposed goal of 6 thousand tons was exceeded and of the 21 micro-dams served, a little more than 55 thousand cubic meters of sediment was evacuated.

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