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The Mayor's Office will disinfect 23 thousand sections in 7 markets and more than 1,500 public spaces in Managua

23 thousand sections distributed in the 7 capital markets, 1 thousand 255 collective urban bus stops and 285 parks of the capital, will be disinfected once a week as reported by the Secretary General of the Commune, Fidel Moreno during the process of disinfection of the Roberto Huembes market.

At the same time, he explained that the first day of disinfection for taxis was a resounding success. At the call to apply this security measure, 1 thousand taxi drivers attended the parking lot of the new National Baseball Stadium.

Moreno reported that there will also be a disinfection day for 2,500 caponiers that circulate in the capital and for this, 30 points for disinfection will be established.

He also explained that the sanitary measures to guarantee the health of the population began in the schools, only in District II 27 schools were disinfected.

The markets will be disinfected once a week, the parks once a week, with the exception of the Luis Alfonso Velásquez Flores and Paseo Xolotlán parks, which will be disinfected daily.

Likewise, 200 bus stops will be disinfected daily and about 200 workers will participate in this process.

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