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Comuna Capitalina covers streets of the Carlos Núñez neighborhood with asphalt

The 2020 “Streets for the People” Program reached sector C of the Carlos Núñez neighborhood in District II with the asphalt coating modality in three blocks, which improves the living conditions of the families in the area.

The Secretary General of the Commune Fidel Moreno explained that, in the last 10 years, 10 projects have been developed in this neighborhood to provide a comprehensive response to the inhabitants.

“With this project, we continue to make progress in improving the integral conditions of the family in this sector, the base and sub-base are ready, we are laying asphalt and between today and tomorrow we must finish this project. In the last 10 years in this neighborhood, 10 projects have been developed in storm drainage, roads and mitigation to help families living in this sector, this project will have additional storm drainage works to eliminate a critical point that for years causes that 8 families are flooded in the winter ”.

With this project, the "Streets for the People" Program manages to complete 261 blocks, out of 737 that it plans to carry out..

The road improvement work has an investment of 900 thousand córdobas and directly benefits a little more than 1,500 homes and more than 7 thousand protagonists throughout the neighborhood, improving their living conditions.

Doña Bethania López is the founder of the neighborhood and was very grateful to the good government of Commander Daniel and the Mayor's Office of Managua, for these works that come to provide a better quality of life and access.

"We are happy because our life is going to change, thanks to the Government and our President and the Mayor's Office today, we are enjoying a new street and we are no longer going to flood here in the winter, the water reached our knees and no taxi or caponier could enter, much less an ambulance ”.

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