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Good Government delivers construction materials to merchants affected by fire

Guaranteeing immediate attention and in solidarity support, to the merchants of the Eastern Market affected by the fire last Saturday, the Good Government, delivered construction materials for the reactivation of these commercial spaces.

The solidarity support of the Good Government consisted of zinc sheets, nails, paddocks and wooden rules, according to the dimensions of each of the 23 commercial sections that were affected; in addition to the exemption of the rental fee for a period of 6 months.

The merchants were happy with the support provided and stated that only the Sandinista government has been concerned about the well-being of Nicaraguan families, especially in difficult times.

Mrs. Miriam Chávez, a trader of perishable products, said that she lost everything, but that at no time did she lose hope of the support of the Sandinista Government, which from the first moment took charge of the situation and provided support to those affected by this incident. .

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