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Supervision of progress in the Sanitary Sewer Project

Building authorities conducted a supervision tour of the Sanitary Sewerage Project located in districts V and VII of Managua, as part of the commitment to improve the living conditions of families in the capital, through the construction of works for the common good.

This Sanitary Sewer Project will have an investment of 8 million 405 thousand 858 córdobas and is a continuation of the integral project of the Los Ángeles neighborhood, which now incorporates the 14 de Mayo, Vista Xolotlán, 25 de Febrero and Villa Canada neighborhoods, directly benefiting 7 thousand 96 inhabitants of this area of the capital.

In addition to the expansion of the sanitary sewer system in which 976 linear meters of 12-inch pipe, 282 linear meters of 8-inch pipe and 24 linear 6-inch meters will be installed; 2 road development projects will be executed, such as the asphalt coating and 300 linear meters of concrete in the 25 de Febrero neighborhood; This will allow us to connect a road link between District V and District VII, with an investment of 6.5 million in roads; In other words, we are talking about a project with a total cost of 14 million córdobas.

Likewise, comrade Fidel Moreno said that this project to expand the sanitary sewer system is 25 percent complete and is expected to end in May.

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