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Mechanized Patch Plan for “Streets for the People” 2020 begins

Guaranteeing the future and the modernization of the road network of our capital city, the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua inaugurated the mechanized patching, one of the components of streets for the 2020 people, through which 83 blocks of main roads of Managua.

This Mechanized Patch Plan, which will improve the road network, has an investment of 13.1 million córdobas, with which 7 sections of main roads in the Nicaraguan capital will be served.

The Secretary General of the Commune, Fidel Moreno, made a tour on Tuesday night to supervise the start of the mechanized patching works in District II of Managua.

“The old folder is lifted in the affected areas and a new folder is placed. We do that on main tracks and it is part of a program that has five-year cycles and that goes every year attending the tracks in such a way that every five years the same tracks are repeated in order to ensure fluid circulation ", said Moreno .

These works are carried out on the main roads of the district and, since they are streets with a lot of vehicular traffic, the works will also be carried out at night.

“As they are main tracks we have to work at night to avoid vehicular traffic and not to delay traffic during the day. We are starting precisely at Easter because these days allow working double shifts, that is, day and night. Once Easter is over, we will be working only at night, "he said.

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