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Tribute to women merchants in the markets of Managua

The honorable Council of Managua held a special session to honor the hard work of 68 founding and outstanding women of the 8 municipal markets of Managua, recognizing their valuable work in the economic and local development of our municipality.

The Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda expressed that this recognition is made to these self-sacrificing women, for their sacrifice, work and dedication, an effort with which they have managed to move forward and professionalize many of their children.

The merchants were happy with the tribute offered by the Managua Council, as expressed by Mrs. Miriam Urbina, founder of the Roberto Huembes market, who said she felt very grateful for the recognition given by the Good Government; Likewise, Mrs. Reyna Orozco Catillo expressed it, who said that she felt joyful with the recognition received, because before no one took them into account.

Likewise, in this session, comrade Freddy Casco, General Director of the Municipal Market Corporation of Managua (COMMEMA), made a presentation to the merchants about the projects to be executed in this year 2020 in the capital markets, among which the roof waterproofing, reconstruction of streets and rain gutters, with an investment of 8 million córdobas.

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