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Capital markets maintain an influx of buyers

At the end of the week, the merchants of the Iván Montenegro market report a normal influx of consumers this summer season.

After a tour to see discounts on summer produce, traditional syrup fruits, and ingredients for this season's Lenten meals. Mayor Reyna Rueda and the merchants of this shopping center, highlighted the importance of taking hygiene and protection measures when making household purchases in the presence of Covid-19 in our country.

Mayor Reyna Rueda confirmed that trade in the markets continues at a good pace and a good supply of products.

“The economic dynamism in the markets continues, especially in this Lenten season, we are a people of faith and very traditionalist, we are seeing discounts, but above all we come to remind you of the hygienic and sanitary measures that the Ministry of Health has recommended, to families who visit our markets, we have permanent communication with the Merchants Association and they are organized to protect themselves here in their workplaces ”.

Aleida González, has been selling fruits in Iván Montenegro for 30 years and ensures that all merchants are taking security measures responsibly.

“Thank God people are coming to do their normal shopping, we have a good supply of everything, fruits for syrup, here we are all constantly washing our hands with soap and water and we have someone designated only to dispatch and another only to receive the money, another who is in charge of selecting what will go on sale. If we take care of ourselves, everything will be fine ”.

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