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Mayor provides Municipal Management Report in 2019

Complying with the Citizen Power model and in direct communication with the capital's population, the first informative meeting was held, where the Mayor of Managua provided the report of the municipal management executed in 2019, through which road works were carried out , storm drainage, public cleaning and decoration, as well as social, environmental and sports programs, which contribute to improving the living conditions of all families in the capital city.

Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado stated that in 2019, significant progress was made in the execution of progress works for the capital, in which the construction of the Nejapa overpass, the completion of the La Primavera and Domitila Lugo channels, as well as as, the delivery of 180 decent homes to the same number of families living in vulnerable conditions.

Likewise, it announced that, in 2019, total revenues of 3 thousand 843 million 235 thousand 493 córdobas were obtained; and the total expenses were 3 thousand 685 million 751 thousand 159 córdobas.

In this period, progress was made in the execution of 310 projects of the Annual Investment Plan, of which 289 were concluded, with an investment of 1,230 million 736 thousand 978 net córdobas.

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