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Inhabitants of the Batahola Norte neighborhood celebrate through its ornate streets

The Calles para el Pueblo 2020 program reworked 4 blocks in the Batahola Norte neighborhood in order to improve the roadway of the street in the direction of South - North, since this street works as an alternate route between the traffic lights of Guanacaste and the former Popular Bank.

This improves connectivity between neighboring neighborhoods: Las Palmas, Manuel Olivares, Monseñor Lezcano.

Upon handing over the project to the community, the Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda, confirmed that the "Streets for the People" program is making good progress.

 “We thank God that allows us to continue working for the benefit of families with this project, we are improving the lives of 4,150 inhabitants, there are 4 re-patched blocks that will connect us with other neighborhoods, here the investment is a little more than 900 a thousand córdobas ”.

So far in February, this is the third road improvement project, in the re-peating modality, that is delivered in District II.

The "Streets for the People 2020" program will benefit 5 more neighborhoods in District II, among them are: Acahualinca Tradicional, Santa Ana Sur and Santa Ana Central, Cuba neighborhood Noel Téllez sector and Cuba neighborhood Rubén Darío sector, Edgard Lang neighborhood.

Marianela Lanzas, has lived in the neighborhood for 25 years and says that people are happy to see how their taxes are invested.

"We are happy, the streets are beautiful and because taxes are being invested well, because there are other projects in other neighborhoods that are being done and are improving the lives of other families."

Two months after starting the "Streets for the People 2020" Program, it has progressed 28 percent (in its three modalities in all districts of the capital).

The re-inspection modality will be used to repair the streets that have the entire base damaged, with this modality we will serve 72 blocks throughout Managua, of these, 49 are located in District II.

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