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Winter 2020 Plan is 34 percent complete

Committed to working and investing, to guarantee the well-being of all capital families, the Good Government through the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua, began in the first week of February, the execution of the Winter 2020 Plan, which is progressing 34% to date.

The progress of these actions was presented by comrade Fidel Moreno Briones, Secretary General of the Capital Commune, who announced that the Winter 2020 Plan contemplates the cleaning and maintenance of the drainage, as well as the construction of new works and for which will be invested almost 114 Million Córdobas.

In the cleaning and maintenance works, the de-sanding of 21 micro-dams is contemplated, anticipating the evacuation of 75 thousand 450 cubic meters of sediment, where to date progress has been made in 15 micro-dams; It is also anticipated the evacuation of 6 thousand tons of solid waste that will be extracted from 85 kilometers of lined riverbed, an action that leads to an advance of the 40%; as well as the cleaning of 13 thousand drains, which is carried out twice a year; in addition to cleaning gutters, pipes and unlined channels.

In new works for the storm drainage of Managua, 27 projects will be carried out, including the expansion of the drainage system, as well as the installation of pipes and the construction of mitigation works against rains.

Likewise, it was highlighted that these efforts are combined with the actions to reduce the critical points due to rains in the capital, which have been reduced considerably, since 2009 to date, reducing them from 147 to 57 that currently exist, so that critical points have been reduced by more than 60% and more than 70% of the population that was exposed to them; Therefore, we continue working on the care and reduction of families in vulnerability.

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