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Gifts, serenade and message of hope received the women of oncology in their day

In a show of affection and solidarity with the women who face and fight against the cancer disease in our country, the Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda visited the oncological ward of the Bertha Calderón and Manolo Morales hospitals to bring a present and the Commander's greeting Daniel and Vice President Rosario Murillo.

The Mayor of Managua dedicated this March 8, International Women's Day, a moment of joy and brotherhood for women struggling for life, for hope in both hospitals.

The gesture of love to these warriors who fight for their lives daily, included gifts, flowers and serenades by mariachis.

Rueda reminded inpatients and their families that they are not alone, that there is a National Government concerned that hospitals, in addition to infrastructure, have the necessary trained personnel and totally free treatment.

"Our Government, with its permanent support, has never hesitated to permanently support the fight against cancer and we as Nicaraguans are leading the way in the fight against cancer."

He recalled that “before women were invisible since they did not feel they had the right to dream, because when they suffered from this type of illness and asked for support, they had no answer, however today, the significant investment that our Government has made in hospital infrastructure, investment in devices such as the linear accelerator, women feel accompanied, they feel supported, they feel responsive ”.

For the patients this is a reason for hope, a gesture that inspires them and adds encouragement to be able to continue advancing in their struggle to regain health.

"I did not expect this visit, I have been hospitalized for a month and tomorrow I will be operated on, I cannot complain about the blessing that God gives me," said patient Elizabeth Asís, an intern at the Bertha Calderón hospital.

The Director of the Berta Calderón hospital, Dr. Carmen Cruz, explained that in addition to daily care, a comprehensive health fair was held to continue promoting health among the population.

Another of the hospitals visited was the Manolo Morales, a national reference and where other types of cancer are also treated in women, but also in men.

Dr. Ana Gabriela Morales, specified that this hospital has well-equipped units, but that great efforts are already being made in the regions of the country where people with this condition can receive chemotherapies.

“Through our Government, chemotherapies are being applied in the regions, we can already put chemotherapy on him in Matagalpa, in Jinotega. The patient and the doctor come here, the specialist who is in the healthcare center defines the treatment and later, we guarantee that treatment in his department ”, he commented.

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