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Merchants of the Mercadito Virgen de Candelaria release roof covering

“En Patria, Paz y Porvenir”, the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua inaugurated the construction of the new roof cover in the Leonel Gutiérrez market, also known as Virgen de Candelaria, in the capital city, with an investment of 5 Million 755 Thousand Córdobas.

This work of the common good was inaugurated and delivered to the merchants and the community in general, by the colleague Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado, who announced that this year the Good Government, through the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power, will execute 9 projects to improve the infrastructure in the 8 capital markets, among which the following stand out: the replacement of roof covers, construction of rain drainage gutters, as well as, waterproofing of concrete slabs and improvement of internal streets.

He also announced that this work of restitution of rights consisted of the construction of a new roof with an area of 800 square meters, which houses 92 sections, which will protect from the weather, sun and rain, in addition to provide better ventilation to the merchants and buyers of this traditional shopping center in Managua.

The Candelaria market was founded in 1967 and is located northwest of the Nicaraguan capital, this shopping center is made up of 195 sections between fixed and occasional, in which are offered: basic grains, meats, vegetables, fruits, clothing and footwear; in addition to the traditional Vaho, which is a reference in Managua.

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