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Central American Taekwondo Championship in Managua

This Thursday, the Central American Karate-Do Championship was inaugurated, which will take place for 3 days at the Alexis Argüello Sports Center. 400 athletes from the Central American region participate in this tournament, of which 90 belong to the Nicaraguan delegation, who manifested giving their best to win gold in the different categories.

This event was inaugurated by the Vice Mayor of Managua, Enrique Armas, Mr. Emerson Velásquez, President of the Nicaraguan Federation of Taekwondo, comrade Emmett Lang Salmerón, President of the Nicaraguan Olympic Committee, and Deputy Edwin Castro, Honorary President of the Nicaraguan Federation of Taekwondo.

Likewise, recognitions were given to personalities who have stood out in the support and development of this sporting discipline, among them, the athlete Marlon Leyton, Nicaraguan Taekwondo Legend and the Salvadoran promoter Oswald Mata.

The words of welcome to the athletes, referees and technical team of the Central American delegations, who were also invited to visit the different tourist attractions that the Nicaraguan capital has and highlighted the valuable support provided by the Good Government, for the realization of these sporting events, that guarantee recreation and healthy recreation for Nicaraguan families.

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