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"Streets for the People" program reaches the Ayapal neighborhood

The "Streets for the People 2020" Program began the road improvement of the main street of the Ayapal neighborhood, which less than three years ago served as a diversion route when the Las Piedrecitas and 7 Sur Desnivel Passage was built, this caused its deterioration For this reason, this neighborhood is one of the priorities of the program in District III, as explained by Fidel Moreno, Secretary General of the Commune, when supervising the asphalt process of 5 new blocks on the main street of this neighborhood.

“Here we are going to pave five blocks, these are dirt streets that were even used as detours when the Las Piedrecitas and 7 Sur overpass was built, and constant use deteriorated them, with this project we are going to benefit 3,465 protagonists , the investment is about 3 million córdobas, with these new streets and the neighborhood is almost one hundred percent with its lined streets, only a few secondary alleys remain, ”Moreno explained during the tour.

The work plan of the "Streets for the People 2020" Program is progressing satisfactorily and with the streets of Ayapal it closes this week with an advance of 103 blocks, Moreno explained.

"The program will benefit 108 neighborhoods, with a total of 601 blocks, once the 5 blocks of Ayapal have been completed, we would have completed the first 103 blocks."

Moreno explained that in recent years the Commune has developed three important projects in the Ayapal neighborhood, while reminding that in that sector of the capital in winter there were many floods that affected the residents.

Mario García Roa, has lived in the neighborhood for more than 40 years and was satisfied because the dream of more than 800 families has already come true.

“For 40 years this area needed this work and thanks to our government, today it is a reality, this year winter will stop being a headache for everyone, because our houses will not be flooded, nor the streets will be destroyed, we believe that the neighborhood is going to improve with some alleys that will be paved in the future ”.

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