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First Ecological Day of 2020 in the Tiscapa Lagoon

The Directorate of Environment and Urban Planning of the Capital Commune in coordination with the Nicaraguan National Army and the volunteer brigades of the Guardabarranco Environmental Movement, carried out the first Cleaning Day of 2020 in the protected area of the Tiscapa lagoon.

This Conference was held on the morning of this Saturday, February 22, in celebration of the anniversary of the Universal Declaration of the Common Good of Mother Earth.

Camilo Fonseca Sandino, Director of the Environment and Urban Planning of the Municipality, said that the permanent cleaning cycle is beginning, with the support of 30 members of the Nicaraguan Army.

He explained that the objective "is to clean the edges of the lagoon to prevent the garbage that may be around it from contaminating the water mirror," he explained.

He said that the Municipality is constantly making efforts to keep the lagoon clean and recalled that last year new technology was installed, "an application of a better quality biological system has meant that today we have a clean lagoon, a lagoon without odor and we can perceive At first glance the change it is having ”.

Fonseca invited the families of the capital to visit this lagoon, its hiking, the hill in this holiday season of the Semana Mayor.

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