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Delivery of 1000 copies of the magazine "Sandino Vive" to Mined schools

In tribute to the 86th anniversary of the passage to immortality of General Augusto C. Sandino, Juan Pablo Umanzor, Gregorio Sandino, Francisco Estrada and the martyrs of Wiwilí, the Directorate of Historical Heritage of the Mayor's Office of Managua, delivered 1000 copies this February 21 from the magazine “Sandino Vive” to the libraries of the schools of the Ministry of Education (MINED), for the teaching of the historical deed of General Sandino and his army defending national sovereignty.

In addition to the librarians, among those present were the grandchildren of Generals Pedro Altamirano, Miguel Ángel Ortez and Teresita Villatoro.

After the magazine was delivered, a wreath was placed at the monument of General Sandino, closing with a cultural magazine.

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