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Huembes market merchants offer their Lenten meals

Merchants from the Carlos Roberto Huembes market launched the festival of discounts on the products of the summer season and presented their offers on the traditional foods of the Lenten season.

The promotion of this discount festival was presented by the Merchants Associations and the Mayor of the Citizen Power of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado, who said that this festival will take place in the 8 capital markets, where families can buy their products at low prices ; He also stressed that they are working in coordination with the National Police to guarantee the safety of buyers and merchants in these popular shopping centers.

For their part, the merchants invited families from the capital to visit the municipal markets where they will be offered the best prices and will be treated with human warmth.

Así lo manifestaron las comerciantes María Orozco y Miriam Sirias, quienes ofertan las comidas de Cuaresma a precios accesibles para el bolsillo de su clientela; expresaron que venden a 100 y 80 córdobas el servicio de comida de Cuaresma.[vc_images_carousel images=”27805,27806,27807,27808,27809,27810,27811,27812,27813,27814,27815,27816,27817,27818,27819,27820,27821,27822,27823,27824,27825,27826,27827,27828,27829,27830,27831,27832,27833″ img_size=”large”]

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