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Mayor's Office delivers a Collection of 16 Digital Magazines to the Ministry of Education

In greeting to the 86th anniversary of the passage to immortality of our General of Free Women and Men Augusto C. Sandino, the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua delivered a collection of 16 digital magazines to the Ministry of Education (MINED) and place them in its library digital, so that the entire educational community and parents of families have access to this documentation.

The delivery of this digital documentation was made by the Vice Mayor of Managua, Enrique Armas Rosales, who delivered this work to the Ministry of Education in the hands of colleague Melba López, General Director of Secondary Education, who expressed her gratitude to the municipality, for this relevant contribution to the education of children and young people, who from now on will have access to this digital work; Likewise, he said that from secondary education, a strategy is being worked on to further develop the habit of reading.

For his part, comrade Enrique Armas expressed the Municipality's commitment to contribute to the strengthening of our culture and national history; Likewise, he announced that with this collection of General Augusto C. Sandino, the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power reaches 56 digital books delivered to the portal of the Ministry of Education, among them, documents on the life and work of Rubén Darío, history of Managua and the Heroic deed of General Sandino.

This collection of 16 magazine was compiled by comrade Clemente Guido Martínez, who said that it is chronologically elaborated, on the heroic deed of General Augusto C. Sandino and the Army Defender of National Sovereignty, which describes historical events since 04 of May 1927 to February 21, 1934; which includes our Heroine Blanca Arauz and General Miguel Ángel Ortez.

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