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First National Speed Championship

Avenida de Bolívar a Chávez was the track for the First Competition of the National Speed Championship 1/4 mile, with the participation of 75 modified and racing vehicles.

In this sporting event, it was competed in 14 different categories, among them, 1,500, 1,600, 1,800, 2,000, female displacement and the free category of cars with turbo and nitro.

The first 3 places in each category will be awarded with trophies and medals, in addition to the points that are added for the final championship of the year 2020.

The activity began at 7:00 in the morning and was organized by Nica Speed, the Nicaraguan Automobile Federation, the National Police and the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua, for the recreation of Nicaraguan families.

The results of this competition were as follows:


Category Stock A Category Stock B

1-Marcos Áreas-10 1-Jonathan Corrales-10

2-Marlon Jirón-8 2-Cristian Zenkell-8

3-Bayron López -6 3-Juan Lezama-6


Category Stock C Category Pro A

1-Roberto Pasquier -10 1-Raúl Murillo-10

2-Roberto Pasquier JR-8 2-Jalil Gutiérrez-8

3- Jairo Areas- 6 3-Miguel Ángel López


Category Pro B Category Pro C

1- Alberto Garay-10 1-Miguel Will-10

2-Raúl Murillo-8 2-Juan Rivas-8

3-Rudyand Corrales-6 3- José Garay-6


  1. Variable valve A C. Variable valve B

1-Roberto Pasquier -10 1-Pablo Morales-10

2- Roberto Pasquier JR-8 2-Kener Picado-8

3-Juan Miranda-6


  1. Variable Valve C Special Category A

1-Geovanni Chow-10 1-Lían Argüello-10

2-Pablo Morales-8 2-Juan José Morales-8

3-Claudio Morales


Special Category B C. 2000 Modified

1-Camilo Gradiz-10 1-Geovanni Chow

2-Lenin Chavarría-8 2-Panlo A. Morales-8

3-Geovanni Chow-6 3-Lenin Chavarría-6


Free Category

1-Jimmy Quezada-10

2-Carlos Shiftman-8

3-Geovanni Quezada-6[vc_images_carousel images=”27648,27649,27650,27651,27652,27653,27654,27655,27656,27657,27658,27659,27660,27661,27662,27663,27664,27665,27666,27667,27668,27669,27670″ img_size=”large”]

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