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Families enjoy great discounts at the Summer Fair of the capital markets

After the successful Fair of Love and Friendship that was held in all the capital markets, merchants activated this weekend, the Summer Discount Fair, which from now on will sell the products of the summer season at a good pace.

This February 15, the Vice Mayor of Managua, Enrique Armas, announced that this Summer Fair that begins in Iván Montenegro and in which more than 50 merchants participate, will also be held in the 8 markets of the capital.

He stated that the fairs have been a resounding success, thanks to discounts of 30, 40 and 50 percent in the prices of all products.

The Vice Mayor made a tour of the Iván Montenegro market, to bring a rose and the message of love and affection sent by Commander Daniel and Compañera Rosario to the merchants, who day by day are the engine of the country's economy.

Catalina Obando, President of the Iván Montenegro Chamber of Merchants, gave words of gratitude to Commander Daniel and Compañero Rosario and affirmed on behalf of all the vendors of this shopping center, the willingness to continue working to advance the economy of the country , "We will always be working hand in hand, being a strong arm," Obando stressed.

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