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Mayor gives samples of affection to merchants in Managua

In celebration of the Day of Love and Friendship, the Mayor of the Citizen Power of Managua, Reyna Rueda, visited the Oriental market, where she spoke and gave tokens of affection to the merchants of this shopping center in the Nicaraguan capital.

The tour began in the old soap factory sector and went through the sections of the clothing and shoes sector, where she delivered roses to merchants, as a token of affection and in greeting to this holiday.

Likewise, the merchants together with the Mayor Reyna Rueda announced that this weekend there will be discounts and low prices on clothing, footwear, cosmetics, as well as food products, which are offered in the 8 municipal markets.

For her part, the merchant Ruth Laguna said that she, like her co-workers, hope to have good sales this weekend, which is celebrated on the Day of Love and Friendship.

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