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Ecological Park “Río Jesús” a Natural Reserve of Managua

With the slogan "Managua All Sweet with Love for You" the municipality El Crucero announced its tourist offer and its new destination, the Ecological Park "Río Jesús", which offers adventure tourism, hiking, bird watching and other species, In addition, its main attraction, the waterfall and the river pool, which is located at kilometer 28 on the road to Diriamba, 10 kilometers to the west.

This tourism promotion began with a walk to the natural reserve "Río Jesús" and then the Departmental Cabinet of Tourism met at the Bosques Las Nubes hotel, to reposition the department as one of the main tourist destinations in the country, before national visitors and foreign.

In this activity, colleague Zacarías Velásquez, Vice Mayor of the Citizen Power of El Crucero announced that on January 24, the “Río Jesús” Ecological Park was declared as a new natural reserve of the El Crucero municipality, in the same way, invited to enjoy the benefits of the climate offered by this municipality, which is located 15 minutes from the Nicaraguan capital.

Comrade Martha Baltodano, Departmental Delegate of INTUR said that from the Nicaraguan Institute of Tourism and in coordination with the National Technological Institute, training will be carried out for small and medium businesses, to provide a better offer to the different segments of tourists who visit these spaces. to enjoy with the family.

He also explained that the municipality of El Crucero has 19 companies registered in the INTUR tourist quality system, including 4 3-star hotels, 3 restaurants with 2 forks, and 8 1-glass bars, that is, businesses with a certain category, that can attract tourists to spend the night in this municipality and travel to other tourist sites in the country.

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