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New Municipal Cemetery "Caminos del Cielo" will be inaugurated in the next few days

The new Municipal Cemetery "Caminos del Cielo" is ready and will be inaugurated on February 21, as confirmed by the Secretary General, Fidel Moreno, during a tour of the facilities of the new cemetery.

“Caminos del Cielo” is a public cemetery, it has an area of 5 blocks and in its infrastructure the Municipality invested a little more than 14 million córdobas, plus the investment of the land.

Moreno explained that at the time of an emergency, the residents of the capital will be able to acquire a lot by paying $ 60, either in a single payment or in installments of $ 10 per month.

"As part of the works to restore rights for our people, we have finished the new Cemetery" Caminos del Cielo ", we are planning to inaugurate it on February 21, it is the first to have an automated system and for the first time it will offer a new option , with an area of vertical vaults, we are working on the chapel and the administrative offices, and people who preferred the traditional option will also be able to acquire the land, this Camposanto has a capacity for a little more than 8 thousand lots ”, explained Moreno .

He indicated that the perimeter wall is ready, the luminaire is already installed, the streets are already lined, the cemetery has three sections A, B and C, the lots have a value from 60 dollars and can be paid in cash or in installments of 10 dollars a month, in addition to this, the owners, each year, must pay 10 dollars for the maintenance of the infrastructure and decoration.

"Caminos del Cielo" was designed to provide an immediate response to the inhabitants of districts 6 and 7, the capital Commune is looking for new options to build another cemetery that has a capacity of 30 thousand lots, for the other districts, as reported The secretary general.

He added “in the second semester of the year we will be presenting a second alternative to serve districts 3 and 5, we want to guarantee that the new option has a useful life of 30 years with a capacity of 30 thousand lots, we will continue working to guarantee to our people public cemeteries with the quality and attention that is required, "he said.

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