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The Bismarck Martínez urbanization already has the first 150 houses built

The “Bismarck Martínez” housing program, which began the construction of the first 500 houses on December 18, has been making satisfactory progress on the Sabana Grande land where the new development is being built. 150 homes can already be seen standing.

During a tour of the project, the municipal authorities were able to verify that all the necessary works are being carried out in the urbanization, such as dirt, street configuration, installation of drinking and sanitary water pipes.

Fidel Moreno, Secretary General of the Commune, confirmed that 150 homes are more than 90 percent complete.

“We have made a quick tour of 150 homes that we have already started, of these 119 that are already in the crown beam, that is, we are practically going to start melting the crown and roofing next week, we estimate that by the end of this month we will to have, without a doubt, no less than 100 houses and progressively each month to be able to complete another 100 houses in February, March, April and May and to be able to complete the first block of 500 houses ”.

Moreno confirmed that to date the program has 18 thousand protagonists in Managua both in lots and in homes, and in order to respond to the protagonist families, the Commune has acquired 120 blocks for the construction of houses that will have an area of 54 square meters of building.

"In this area we hope to build some 3,000 homes, we have already acquired 120 blocks to build them with an area of 54 square meters, entirely made of blocks, it includes the wet core that is, it also guarantees a bathroom, living-dining room area plus all the corresponding electrical connections and the drinking and sanitary water system ”, explained Moreno.

At the same time that the developer builds the houses, simultaneously the workers of the Managua Mayor's Office are working on the urbanization works such as the shaping of the streets, bases and sub bases and the treatment plant where all the wastewater will fall. The urbanization.

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