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Tipitapa with 106 tourist destinations to enjoy with the family

With the motto "Managua Always Sweet, with love for you" the tourist launch of Tipitapa was carried out, where the tourist destinations, activities, gastronomic offers and family recreation offered by this municipality were announced.

This promotion was developed from the La Perla recreational center and presented by the Departmental Cabinet of Tourism of Managua, made up of the vice mayors of the 9 municipalities of the department and the INTUR delegation in Managua.

In this presentation, colleague Martha Baltodano, INTUR Departmental Delegate, highlighted that Tipitapa is the second municipality with the highest tourist activity in the department of Managua, with the operation of 106 tourism companies, including recreational centers, spas, restaurants, museums and cultural centers.

This activity was accompanied by the presentation of the gastronomy of the municipality, among them the fish without bone that the recreational La Cuevita offers in the San Benito junction and the wines Doña Chilito that is a small company that offers artisan wines and that was born, through from the trade schools promoted by Good Government at the national level and in which Doña María Auxiliadora Ortez learned to make wines and now it has become her main family income.

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