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"Streets for the People" program reaches the Jorge Cassaly neighborhood

The "Streets for the People 2020" Program, which is executed by the Municipality with the support of the Central Government, began the lining of almost 8 new blocks with the asphalt pavement modality in the Jorge Cassaly neighborhood of District VI.

The Secretary General, Fidel Moreno, explained that the new lined street becomes an alternate route of the Carretera Norte that connects the neighborhoods Hugo Chávez Frías, Jorge Cassaly, Waspán Norte and José Dolores Estrada.

"Through the" Streets for the People "program we are covering 620 linear meters that are equivalent to almost 8 blocks of new streets that benefit 1,200 families, with this project we are improving the quality of life of families who will have better access to the center of health (Silvia Ferrufino) who is a few meters from here and we are empowering the previous projects carried out in the neighborhood ”.

Moreno explained that this street, which is a main artery of the neighborhood that facilitates access to two more neighborhoods and its users, will be able to use it during peak hours.

“Due to the high circulation of vehicles in the sector, a definitive 5-centimeter-thick folder is needed, which is the one we are placing, this project will unite Waspán Norte, Hugo Chávez and Jorge Cassaly, guaranteeing better access to students and people who they come to the health center and the urban transport routes, with this project we are creating an alternative route for the coastal neighborhoods of the VI district, with an investment of 4 million 400 thousand cordobas ”, indicated Moreno.

Don Sebastián García Romero has lived in the neighborhood for 43 years, all his youth he waited for a street that will no longer be filled with puddles and mud in winter.

"I am happy to see the dream of my whole life come true, now my grandchildren will be able to go to classes quietly even if it rains, and in summer thanks to our Sandinista government, we will no longer put up with those dustbins."

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