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Comuna Capitalina delivers Digital Collection of Books on the life and work of Rubén Darío to the Ministry of Education

Committed to promoting knowledge about the life and work of the universal Nicaraguan Rubén Darío, the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua, delivered to the Ministry of Education a collection of 9 books to be published on the digital portal of the Ministry of Education (MINED).

The digital publications delivered by the Municipality to the Ministry of Education belong to national actors, who write about the life and work of Rubén Darío; among them the books: “Rubén Darío, His Childhood and La Patria”, “Rubén Darío in Managua” by the author Jorge Eduardo Arellano, “Rubén Darío and the Ode to Bolívar” an analysis of the Bolivarian thought of Darío in its historical context and the "Tribute to Rubén Darío" which contains 3 speeches by Dr. Luis H. Debayle, one while he was alive and two after his death.

The delivery of this collection was made by Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado, who stated that this is an articulated effort to contribute and strengthen the studies on Rubén Darío in children and young people.

Asimismo, detalló que con esta nueva colección de 9 libros sobre la vida y obra de Rubén Darío, ya suman 41 obras literarias en digital, que entrega la Municipalidad al portal del MINED.[vc_images_carousel images=”26919,26920,26921,26922,26923,26924,26925,26926″ img_size=”large”]

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