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Cheap school uniforms and supplies at El Mayoreo market discount festival

A few weeks before classes start. Families from the capital visit the different markets of the capital to buy school supplies at low prices at the Discount Festival.

This Saturday, January 25, the Vice Mayor of Managua, Enrique Armas, toured the Mayoreo market and was able to verify the pace of sales and the excellent prices offered by merchants, accessible to the pocket of the Managua.

“We tell the population that they can go to all the markets to buy backpacks, notebooks, shoes, everything is at very good prices. In the El Mayoreo market we see that there is a great variety of black shoes for boys and girls, the sale of backpacks is at a very good pace, in the skirts we see favorable prices and a great variety of notebooks, two very good weekends prior to the back from school because there are millions who move these previous days, "said Vice Mayor Enrique Armas.

The merchant Rosa Cruz, announced the prices of the pants “for children at 180 cordobas and at 220, depending on the brand, in the case of skirts, we have prices from 220 cordobas and anklets to 20 cordobas and backpacks from 180 cordobas up to 80 cordobas ”, he explained.

For her part, Glenda Pineda offers small notebooks that cost 6 cordobas per unit and for the large ones, 25 and 85 cordobas the five-subject notebook.

He also explained that “the rules cost 20 córdobas and 25 córdobas; graphite pencils cost 75 cordobas per dozen, colors cost 25 cordobas, pencils 5 cordobas, plasticine 25 cordobas, all at a good price ”, stated Pineda.

During the tour of this shopping center, the Deputy Mayor Armas along with the merchants invited Nicaraguan families to visit the municipal markets and enjoy the great deals this season of admission to classes.

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