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"Streets for the People 2020" program begins in the capital

The "Streets for the People 2020" Program promoted by the Central Government in coordination with the Capital Commune, began this Thursday, January 23, in Colonia Miguel Gutiérrez in District VI of Managua.

This year, 108 neighborhoods will benefit from the program that will also build 5,581 linear meters of platforms, which will guarantee the free movement of pedestrians.

The Secretary General, Fidel Moreno, during a tour of the site, explained that this year the program will carry out 121 projects.

“This year we plan to carry out 121 projects that will benefit 108 neighborhoods in Managua. There are 601 new blocks of road network and 5,581 meters of platforms that will be built by the “Program of Streets for the People”, with an investment of 350 million córdobas, thanks to the trust of taxpayers, ”the Secretary explained.

Moreno explained that in the last 10 years the program has revitalized 10,000 blocks and this year, the scope will be historic because in addition to Calles para el Pueblo, there are road projects that will be carried out through the 2020 Annual Investment Plan.

“Taking advantage of the summer we want to advance as much as possible, we are going to build new streets in the neighborhoods and the tracks that serve as main arteries and we will rebuild streets that are damaged where it is a priority, we are prioritizing the streets that serve as interconnections, of the 601 544 new blocks will be made of asphalt, 31 of cobblestone and 26 of hydraulic concrete ”.

The Municipality will also serve 213 blocks of the road network with the Bacheo Plan and 79 blocks in the neighborhoods with the double treatment technique, plus the construction of 6 vehicular bridges in San Judas, Carlos Núñez, El Arroyo, Pochocuape and Andrés Castro.

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